Want to make a difference for Biking in Durham?

We have lots of needs but we want to hear from you first. What do you love doing? What are you great at? How can you accelerate biking in Durham?

Join a team

We’re currently looking for members who can serve on our working committees. These roles are less defined but very important. If you’re interested in getting more involved in the operations and strategy of Bike Durham but don’t fit neatly into an articulated role, email us by clicking below on the team you’re interested in.

Advocacy Team - Events Team
Membership Team - Communications

If you have a specific way you’d like to get involved or need help thinking that through please email us.


Open Roles

Bike Durham is currently a volunteer-led organization and none of the positions below are paid.

Event Committee Member

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What we do inside City Hall or our work watchdogging street designs is balanced and supported by the events we’re a part of. And there are many kinds of events that we host or partner on. Events can be bicycle rides, community meetings, or festivals like Bike-A-Bull City. Most people who connect with Bike Durham do so through events. 95% of our donations and membership sign-ups happen at events. Events are very important to the organization— are you ready to take our events game to the next level?

We’re looking for someone who can help plan these events. We have lots of volunteers and lots of passion— now we just need someone to help with the event planning process working with our Events team. Good candidates do not need to have prior experience in event planning or be particularly social. We’re looking for organized, reliable people who can coordinate people, places, and things really well.

Requirements: we work with email, online chat, and google docs regularly
Bonus if you’ve worked with non-profits and managed volunteers before.
Time expectation: It varies seasonally. Some weeks will be busy but most will be calm.

Social Media Coordinator

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Our social media presence is a major way that we interact with the community. We communicate through it, we listen through it, we advocate through it. And if you haven’t noticed, we’re also doing so much more with our online presence than we used to. We’re everywhere. We need help to sustain and grow our current output on twitter, instagram, and facebook. Do you enjoy communicating through social media? Would you like to volunteer but your schedule doesn’t allow you to be physically present? Consider applying for this role.

We’re looking for a trustworthy tech-adept person who can schedule and curate posts based on what is happening in the local news, regular content sources we repost, our own news and events, and the community chatter. This role will be working with our incredible new Communications Chair, Allison Shauger to promote a consistent message and voice.

Requirements: we work with email, online chat, and google docs regularly. You’ll be doing it a lot.
Bonus if you’ve managed corporate or non-profit social accounts before. Not required.
Time expectation: around 3hrs a week