Want to make a difference for Biking in Durham? Get involved now.

Current Identified Needs:

  • Ride Marshall — Bike Durham is helping launch a new monthly ride for parents and kids called Kidical Mass.  If you have experience working with children, group rides, or just think you'd enjoy it, fill out the form below or email tybilecky@gmail.com with the subject line "Kidical Mass". (Time commitment: 3ish hours/month)
  • Calendar Manager —  Our Facebook and Google calendars are very important to our community efforts.  We aggregate bike events from all over Durham on a weekly basis so people don't have to hunt for the events.  We're also experimenting with submitting events to IndyWeek. (Time commitment: 30 min/week)
  • Social Ride Ambassador — Part of our community work is promoting social rides and measuring them.  We need people who can commit to attending one monthly ride (maybe two) consistently as a Bike Durham representative.  Your job will be threefold:
    1. collect simple data (like how many people are there and how they heard about it), 2. share about the bike calendar, and 3. ride your bike. (Time commitment: 3 hours/ride/month)
  • What do you love doing?  What are you great at?  How can you accelerate biking in Durham? 
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