Landis Māsnor


Landis has worked in transportation and mobility for four years. He brings experience from several bicycle advocacy organizations and transportation technology companies. Deeply motivated to create a safe and sustainable Durham, he enjoys advocating for vulnerable road users and affordable transportation access.


James Nishimuta


James moved to Durham from San Francisco in late 2015 and wants to bring the bike-friendly culture of the west coast to Durham. He has commuted to work by bike for 11 years and sees the value of bicycling not only for recreation but also daily transportation. He sees bicycling as a way to transform a city into a vibrant, social, and healthy community and wants to help bring that vision to Durham. 


Tyler Bilecky

Tyler has been on two wheels as long as he can remember and has always loved being outside. Cycling in every way shape and form motivates him to be proactive in learning about and loving where he is. With this in mind he enjoys teaching anything about bikes, from basics to more technical skills he is always game. Tyler sees biking as an opportunity to embrace a better pace around town and in life. It encourages people to see Durham and enjoy its rhythms. Be sure to ring your bell or give a wave to anyone on two wheels!


Tom Huzij

Tom is a native New Yorker who grew up walking and riding transit to get around. He discovered bicycling as a form of transportation in 2013 and fell in love with the independence that it affords him and just how gosh darn fun it can be. Tom moved to Durham the night before the 2017 solar eclipse and after spending 18 hours in traffic to experience totality, he's ready to never step inside a car again. He believes that streets are a valuable public resource and should be distributed equitably to ensure safety and mobility for all of Durham's residents.


Jen McDuffie

Jen McDuffie learned to bike as an adult and has been in love with cycling ever since. She has commuted by bike on and off for 20+ years and almost exclusively the last 8 years. She serves on the Durham Community Trail Watch, helping to keep our trails safe and well-maintained. She has also been the volunteer coordinator for Bike/Walk to School days for the past 6 years and organizes bike safety classes for kids in several different capacities. Her passion is making cycling exciting for children in order to raise the next generation of folks who will think of cycling as a mode of transportation, not just recreation, that is both economical and environmentally friendly.


Mike Pinkasavage

Mike moved to Durham in 2015 to be closer to his grandchildren, semi-retire and pursue his hobby and passion for road cycling.  He sees Durham as a growing, vibrant and diverse community which provides a wonderful opportunity for building a safer, more bike-centric culture that everyone can enjoy.  As chair of the Membership Committee, he will work to support Bike Durham's goal of building the organization by getting more people informed, involved, and engaged in bike advocacy here in Durham.