James Nishimuta


James moved to Durham from San Francisco in late 2015 and wants to bring the bike-friendly culture of the west coast to Durham. He has commuted to work by bike for 10 years and sees the value of bicycling not only for recreation but also daily transportation. He sees bicycling as a way to transform a city into a vibrant, social, and healthy community and wants to help bring that vision to Durham. 


Anne Conlon

Anne rediscovered biking during grad school at UNC and has enjoyed casual and commuter biking in Durham since moving here in 2012. Anne works as an active transportation planner and engineer and is excited to apply her skills locally to help advance Durham's bike network through work with Bike Durham.


Mary Elbech

Mary moved to Durham in 2014 after being convinced by friends that it's the place to be. They were right. She comes here after making her intro into the bicycle planning world while living in Copenhagen, and is happy to be supporting Bike Durham, particularly in its advocacy efforts. You can see her and her husband cycling around town with their cat in the front basket.


Benton Henderson

Benton Henderson is a local bike nut who has been volunteering regularly with the Durham bike co-op since he moved to the area in 2011. He has a love of classic steel frames and frequently rebuilds and restores them as a hobby. His interest in Bike Durham is chiefly to promote safety and awareness for those on the roads that use two wheels instead of four and to that end is endeavoring to work with city officials and law enforcement to create traffic calming areas along roads which have seen multiple accidents involving cyclists.


Tom Huzij

Tom is a native New Yorker who grew up walking and riding transit to get around. He discovered bicycling as a form of transportation in 2013 and fell in love with the independence that it affords him and just how gosh darn fun it can be. Tom moved to Durham the night before the 2017 solar eclipse and after spending 18 hours in traffic to experience totality, he's ready to never step inside a car again. He believes that streets are a valuable public resource and should be distributed equitably to ensure safety and mobility for all of Durham's residents.


Sarah Palestine

Sarah has lived in Durham since 2011 when she moved to the area for grad school. She started cycling while in North Carolina and rides mainly recreationally. She is a member of the Triangle Velo cycling team and loves the country roads in Durham and Orange Counties, as well as the mountains of western NC. She's excited to bring her perspective and skills to the Board and help lead Bike Durham's communications efforts. 


Alicia Parr

Alicia is an occasional bike commuter, resident of Durham, and a previous competitive endurance athlete in a wide range of cycling-­related events. She believes that making our bicycle infrastructure and its users safer for all and any form of cycling is good for the community at large. Professionally, she is a connector of people and ideas and a strategic thinker who knows how to get things done. "I'm happy to use these skills to serve Bike Durham as Treasurer and Membership Chair during 2016 and 2017."


Smythe Richbourg

A Native North Carolinian, Smythe has been in the Triangle area for 25 years. Since moving to Durham in 2013, he has enjoyed the diverse and laid-back atmosphere, as well as the can-do attitude found in the city. He helps people with their technology, has been married to his soul-mate for 35 years, has two adult daughters (also Durhamites!), a dog, and two granddogs. Having re-discovered biking in his 50's, he tries to get out as often as possible. Things he'd like to see in the biking world here in Durham? "Bike Sharing!"