Mission and Vision


Bike Durham is a volunteer-run, non-profit coalition of individuals and organizations working for bicycle-friendly change in Durham.


Bicycling is an everyday, mainstream activity throughout Durham, creating a sense of community among Durham cyclists. Bicycling is recognized, encouraged and funded as an essential mode of transportation. Durham citizens embrace a healthy and active lifestyle that includes safe and convenient bicycling options for both recreation and utility. As a result, the Durham community enjoys better health, a cleaner environment, and more transportation choices and the joy of bicycling is experienced by all. Durham is a model for innovative bicycle-friendly transportation facilities and programs.


  • Encourage bicycle riding for current and new riders by providing cyclist education, services that help overcome barriers to everyday cycling, and sharing information about rides and other cycling events.
  • Educate the community on how to share the road safely and on their rights and responsibilities through workshops, clinics, publication materials, and outreach.
  • Advocate for improvement and expansion of bicycle infrastructure and policies within the City and County, represent the interests of bicyclists, and support public policy in local government which gives voice to the needs of bicyclists.
  • Promote Durham to residents and non-residents alike as a vibrant place to bicycle for transportation and recreation.


  • Operate Bike Durham as an effective non-profit organization with sustainable finances, a strong membership base, effective communications and active liaisons with allied organizations.
  • Promote an active membership such that the cycling community is visible and impactful within the City and County as a whole
  • Operate community events to build enthusiasm and visibility for cycling in Durham
  • Maintain a comprehensive calendar of rides, socials, education opportunities, etc. for the Durham cycling community.
  • Hold a minimum of one meeting of the full organizational membership each year and as needed to conduct organizational business.
  • Publish educational materials and hold educational workshops on a wide variety of cycling-related topics.
  • Inform the general membership of opportunities to advocate for bicycle-friendly change in Durham and develop positions on bicycle policies and issues.
  • Work with the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Durham Chamber, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, Durham County and City governments, local bicycle-related non-profit organizations, local bicycle shops, and other cycling stakeholder groups to promote Durham as bicycling community.